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PKF-Initiative: Hotels helfen Flüchtenden aus der Ukraine

Die folgende Eilmeldung von PKF erreichte uns am 3. März 2022. An alle unsere Geschäftspartner und Freunde aus der Hospitality-Branche: Bitte unterstützt diese Initiative. Meldet euch direkt über, wenn ihr Zimmer für Flüchtende aus der Ukraine kostenfrei zur Verfügung stellen könnt.

Dear friends & Collegues,

The online platform is now ready. This is the international landing page in English, Ukrainian and Russian for hotels which provide free rooms and for people on the run from the warzone in Ukraine who need them. From there, links to our booking platform (, kindly provided by our friends from HotelSwaps) allow an online booking process.

Why is this important? Ukrainian families – mostly women and kids – arrive exhausted and often traumatised at the border. Among others, they need safe and confortable accommodation. A warm bed in a hotel room can make a huge difference in these circumstances!

So, if you own or manage a hotel in Europe, please GO ONLINE NOW AND PROVIDE 10 ROOMS FOR 10 NIGHTS. We need rooms throughout Europe, but especially in Austria, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. If you do not have hotel rooms at your disposal, maybe you could help us by reaching out to somebody who does. We need help asap, so please help us to help others.

Thank you & a big hug,

Michael Widmann
Global CEO
PKF hospitality group

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